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A collection of submitted fan photos from 2003 till now.
If you would like to submit a fan photo, email it to

"This is my favorite photo gallery. Throughout the years, fans have sent me photos of us together either on facebook, email or the old days of myspace. I've been pretty good at saving these in a folder over time and I thought it would be fun to post them in their own category. It's really cool looking back on the people I've met in my adventures and it's amazing how many life long friends I've made through one single meeting. I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I look back on these pics.


The most rewarding luxury in this business is to meet people of all ages, walks of life and get to know them and where they're from when I walk off the stage. It's the coolest feeling knowing people made special trips and took the time to come see us and I can't wait to meet everyone when the show is over.


When you're traveling, the road can be a lonely place... in and out of airports, vans, hotels, dive restraunts, etc. I've been able to tolerate that lifestyle in dosages, sometimes loving it and hating it. But what always unexpectedly happens that gets me through the day is the fine folks you randomly meet who will bend over backwards to make you feel welcome when you're away from home.


I've been lucky to make a career and living in this business and no matter who's booking the show or what connection you have, it all comes down to if people give a care to see you and if you're in demand. Without the public, it doesn't matter what kind of contract you have or what kind of right you think you've earned... if no one cares to see you, you might as well find a new occupation.  


Performing is a privlege, not a right and I never forget that onstage and off and it's all about spreading your art to inspire, nothing else. Ive been blessed to play for some of the greatest audiences anyone could ever hope for. People have waited in the rain, traveled hundreds of miles or missed work to come to a show and it's something I never forget when I walk on stage. 


I can't imagine my life without some of the characters I've met on the road and the internet has made it easy to stay in touch. If you have a fan photo, please feel free to email it to and we'll post it!




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